Mike and Clair Stones

My wife and I were privileged to attend "From Darkness to Light". We would like to congratulate all those concerned in staging what was a very moving and thought-provoking occasion. Readings were aptly chosen and well delivered and music performed to a high level. Above all it was entirely appropriate that surviving members of the DLI, there when the camp was liberated, should be part of the parade. Moving also were the lines of children, each carrying shoes and the pile of footwear assembled at the font symbolising the victims.

Truly it inspired us to believe that such evils should never be forgotten and that every effort be made to ensure that the like never happens again.

Combining excellence, experience, flexibility and creativity in our very varied projects, we are a recognised force in the promotional work of other bodies.


InterOpera has worked in prisons, hospitals and schools and our partners have included theatre companies, youth theatres and community arts organisations. Our performances have taken place in a wide array of venues, including a major performance of The Saint Cuthbert Oratorio in Durham Cathedral with full orchestra, a chorus of 120 from across the North East and international soloists, a prestigious socially diverse and exciting conclusion to the Lindisfarne Gospels Exhibition in Durham in 2013.

Music and musicians

​We always engage soloists of the highest international calibre and we also provide a platform for young emerging musicians and amateur choral singers to share the stage with seasoned professionals, providing training opportunities for new artists.

We enjoy a direct link to the young artists’ programme at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (Jette Parker Young Artists' Programme) and have often worked with graduates of the Jette Parker programme – both singers and, on one occasion, a young director (Harry Fehr). 

Felling_Band_in_rehearsal.JPGWe have commissioned many new pieces for Brass Band, for chorus  and for soloists and enjoy a special relationship with one of the UK's leading composers, Will Todd.

As well as using small bespoke orchestras for our performances, one of the unique features of the company’s work is our involvement with brass bands. Building on the strong brass community in north east England, we have forged relationships with a number of individual championship bands. We have commissioned many transcriptions of selections from opera scores for brass instruments, making our projects not only more affordable but also encouraging traditional brass band audiences to experience the sound of classical opera. 

Since 2004, the company has introduced over 2000 people to opera for the very first time and given children and adults alike an opportunity to aspire.

We have a wealth of evidence from our audiences and from those who have taken part in all of our opera projects that what we do makes people’s lives better: See our What do people say? page.

How we are run

The company has no office premises, no full time staff and our overheads are kept to a minimum - developing an ongoing programme of work requires a huge amount of time and energy on the part of the Artistic Director, the Music Director and the Project Manager - energy well-spent in the pursuit of excellence. Find out more:

What next?

We have an exciting programme of work planned for the next 3 years (2015-18) and are always happy to develop and discuss creative events and partnerships. Take a look at our latest project Darkness to Light

Visit the Support us page to find out how you can get involved with InterOpera.

Since 2004 all InterOpera’s projects have been supported by Arts Council England.

InterOpera is company limited by guarantee trading as InterOpera Ltd. It is also a registered charity: number 1146791.