Colin Dye 2nd baritone horn, Reg Vardy Band

I've been a member of the Reg Vardy Band for over 40 years ... but last night in Durham Cathedral was one of the best and most moving concerts I've ever been part of. The musical style was quite difficult for the band to play. It was a departure from what we normally play. We're all amateurs and many of us are not even particularly well educated in music (including me), but to get to play some of the world's great music, directed by a top class conductor, alongside fantastic soloists was a privilege I wouldn't have missed!

Such an event obviously takes a tremendous amount of organisation, especially to achieve such a highly professional standard, and Lesley Ann must be congratulated for creating a superb evening.

Darkness to Light, Durham Cathedral, April 2015 

Artistic Director: Lesley Ann Dawes

a_Lesley_Ann_Dawes1.JPGAs General Manager and Artistic Director, Lesley Ann is programme Creator and developer, building links with new and existing partners and developing all aspects of InterOpera's core work.  

Lesley Ann creates the concepts for our annual events and draws together the creative strands needed for the final productions, based upon her own diverse international career as performer, recitalist and vocal consultant.

Music Director: Maestro Alistair Dawes

a_Alistair_Dawes11.JPG​Alistair is the company's Music Director. It is his international career as conductor, accompanist and coach extraordinaire and his ability to draw on a vast and detailed operatic knowledge of an immense repertoire that sets InterOpera apart from others in terms of quality and experience.                                  

See Alistair's website.

Project Manager: Jill Cole

a_Jill_Cole1.JPG​The company works regularly with freelance Project Manager, Jill Cole. Jill is based in Barnard Castle, County Durham and has many years' experience of working in the arts in north east England. She is also a theatre director and youth theatre leader in her own right. Jill has secured funding for all of InterOpera's projects to date and also ensures that projects are well-managed and co-ordinated, always delivered within budget and on time. 

With her extensive knowledge of the Durham Dales, her administrative expertise and creative work in Youth Theatre, Jill steers each creative project before, during and after the event.

Steve Robson: Brass Band transcriptions and Brass Adviser

a_a_Steve_Robson_tries_out_the_anvil_for111.JPGSteve, through his original and inspired transcriptions, perfectly transcribes the complexity of operatic orchestrations to the beauty of brass.