Sarah Caplin (2)

The combination of music, singing and readings in such a magnificent location was skilfully selected and brilliantly executed by all the contributors. 

I know that our Uncle Alfred would have been delighted that his foundation was able to support your event - and I wanted to say how very grateful the guests were for the privilege of attending. I was so pleased that Esther made the impromptu vote of thanks to you and your team.

It was wonderful to be a part of the experience at Durham Cathedral last Saturday - I will always remember the service and how our Aunt Jane’s words - and deeds - were honoured. Hearing the Rabbi singing Kaddish in Durham Cathedral for all the Jews who perished in the holocaust is something I will always treasure. 
Thank you so much for making it happen.

Darkness to Light, Durham Cathedral, April 2015 

Having_a_Ball_1.jpgIn November 2015, popular international stars, Penelope Randall-Davis and Roderick Earle, were joined by two exceptional discoveries: Laura Wolk-Lewanowicz the British/Australian soprano and British-born Thomas Elwin alongside Soloists and Voices of Rocket Opera Ensemble in this all-new programme set to thrill and delight our audience. 

North East Brass Ensemble also joined the line up for the very first time and InterOpera's new chorus made their concert debut in an all-new programme set to thrill and delight the audience. 

Having_a_ball_8.jpgThe fast-paced programme romped through the infectious fun of Rossini's Overture, The Italian Girl in Algiers, the gossipy Servants' chorus from Donizetti's Don Pasquale and the dramatic beauty of the sextet from Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti. 

The audience were asked to brace themselves for the intense drama of Verdi's Masked Ball as the intrigue and excitement of the final Act was unmasked in a totally uncut transcription for the amazing North East Brass Ensemble and the magnificent cast.

Listen to some excerpts from the programme: 

Don Pasquale Servant's Chorus - Donizetti 

Sextet and Chorus - Lucia di Lammermoor - Donizetti

Ballo in Maschera: Act 3 Scene 1 Part 2 - Verdi 

Ballo in Maschera: Act 3 Scene 1 Part 2 - Verdi

Ballo in Maschera: Act 3 Scene 2 Part 1- Verdi

Ballo in Maschera: Act 3 Scene 2 Part 2 - Verdi